Friday, August 21, 2009

Family Friday

It has been a very busy July and August for the Franklin's. John spent a few weeks one country, came home for two whole days, then left again for another country for a month. He will come home at the end of the month, then 2 days later we will fly to Texas for a week for my mom's wedding. He has been working non-stop and I have taken on way too many things! I am working part-time (luckily), still going to school, and am now on the executive board for the Marine Officer's Spouses Club. It is quite intimidating being on the board with the wives of VERY high ranking Marines, includes 3 Generals' wives. But everyone seems very nice, it will definitely be an interesting experience! I am the editor of the newsletter and website administrator. You can check out my work at
Anyway, with all of that going on, I haven't had much time for the fun stuff that we usually post on here. So I am going to do a short Friday series: Family Friday, Friend Friday, and Flashback Friday. I sort of took my friend Jessica's Flashback Friday idea and ran with it! I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I have dug up! They are just in random order.
So here we go with some pictures of our fabulous family!
John and his dad having a little fun in the pool!

My two younger brothers giving me some love before the wedding!

John's family braving the bitter cold while we watched John hard at work telling pilots where to drop bombs in the middle of the Nevada desert!.

All of the girls in John's family took a trip to L.A. to give his cousin a surprise baby shower! We had such a blast that weekend!

John and me with my dad and step-mom right after his last flight at TOPGUN.

Me and my beautiful grandmother at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

The Franklin/Haynes family at Dan and Kristin's wedding.

How cute are these Franklin's?!?!

My little brother Jacob's graduation with all the cousins on my mom's side.

One of my favorite pictures with my mom, aunt and cousins!
My grandparents at my wedding.
I miss you so much papa!

John and Patrick before Patrick was 6 inches taller than John!

Meeting my sweet nephew, Cade for the first time.

These guys are too cool!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Typhoon Season

We live in what's called "typhoon alley". Typhoons, which as essentially hurricanes, pack powerful winds and can be very destructive. They occur when warm water of the South Pacific Ocean between the Republic of the Philippines and Guam combines with the cool winds in the region. Once formed, the storms usually travel in a path beginning near Guam, travel south and around Okinawa and then head north toward mainland Japan or Korea. Most weaken at sea before they reach inland. So there is a weather lesson for you today!
We were supposed to have one headed our way this last weekend, but it turned and hit Taiwan full force, you might have seen some pictures on the news. Everyone on the island had been in preparation mode for the possibility of a nasty storm. Here is a picture of the storm headed towards us. My dad added the caption before he sent it to me!
We still got some rain and serious wind! I have never seen wind like this. My neighbor's tree had branches falling all over the place and there was debris everywhere.
Typhoons are interesting, especially how large they are. For example, one hit this island a few months before we moved here. They took the size of it and compared it to the United States. It would have covered the ENTIRE Gulf of Mexico! Incredible! If these same storms would have hit the US, it would have been mass destruction. Thankfully, we live in homes literally made of concrete! We are definitely not going anywhere! Seriously, these homes have been around for at least 50 years, if not more. If you remember from an earlier post, my dad lived here when he was a kid (while my grandfather was stationed over here while in the Air Force), the house they lived in is still standing and someone still lives in it. That goes to show that buildings here can definitely weather a storm or two! Growing up in north Texas otherwise known as "tornado alley", it makes me wonder why more homes are not made out of material that can withstand high winds and storms. for thought...
The weather sadly delayed John from coming home from the Philippines. He got to be home a whole 2 days before he headed out again to the next country! Gosh I love the Marine Corps!