Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Visitor!

My friend and former roommate came out for a visit while John was gone. I can't believe we have been here for 2 1/2 years and she is the first person to visit us! Tsk, tsk! The rest of you only have six months left, so you better get on it!
Anyway, we did all of the typical touristy stuff, like the aquarium...
For those of you who know the the horrors of what I have been through because of a nasty jellyfish sting, this picture was appropriate!
And the pineapple park...
After you have been here a while there are some things that become normal that you forget are totally different in the States. A few of the restaurants here have sort of a vending machine system. You put money into the machine, push the button for the meal you want, and after it spits out a ticket, you hand it to a waiter who will bring your food out in a very short time!
This place has the absolute best fried rice in the world! Yes, I am going to go ahead and make that claim right here on my blog! It comes out in a hot cast iron platter with raw egg on the bottom. You get large spoons to mix it all up and the egg cooks as you are mixing. That slab of butter doesn't help with the waistline, but it is worth it every now and then!
Since Halloween is right around the corner I hosted a costume party with some of my closest girlfriends.
In true Japanese fashion, I went as a Harajuku girl!
I will miss going into one of these crazy clothing stores an be able to pick out practically anything and wear it as a costume!
We also had some fun zip-lining through the trees!
Her last day she experienced her first typhoon! What a send off! Sadly we were shut in the entire day due to Typhoon Chaba, but we made it through and fortunately it brought some cooler weather with it!
We are certainly looking forward to our next visitors: my dad and step-mom who will be here for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for our adventures with them!