Saturday, February 13, 2010

Out and About

Life has been really busy lately. You would think with so much stuff I have going on, time would fly by, but these past few months feel like they have been the longest months of my life! Just a few more and my wonderful husband will be home!
I've been keeping busy with some girlfriends. There is nothing worse than doing nothing on a weekend while your husband is away, so I have been out and about in hopes of making time go by more quickly.
I recently had my first Japanese karaoke experience. As most of you know, karaoke originated here, so I HAD to try it while here! In the States you would usually go to a karaoke bar or something similar where you put your name and song on a list then wait forever for your turn. Here it is quite different. It is best if you go with a group and you get your own little room! Depending on the size of the group you will have different sized rooms. They fortunately have a large book of English songs. You type in the number on an electronic keypad that coordinates with the song you want to sing, then off you go!
Now the girls that I went with and I are all singers.
Most of us sing on the praise team at church, so we could have gone on for hours! It was such a blast!
What makes it more fun is the absolutely ridiculous Japanese videos that play along with the sings we sing.
I had my first experience with Indian food last weekend. It was great! My good friend Heather and I went out to try a place we had heard was good.
If you have never had Indian, basically you pick the curry you'd like (the plate we got allowed us to choose 3 kinds), and seriously the biggest piece of naan bread I have ever seen in my life! It was so good! I could eat 3 of these!
This weekend for Valentine's Day I have quite a few friends whose husbands are deployed so we decided to all go out to dinner together. We went to a pretty popular "American style" steak and seafood place called Sam's by the Sea. The staff there all have to wear these ridiculous sailor outfits (I feel so sorry for them!) however when we asked if one of the waitresses could take out picture, they handed us all hats to wear! Ha ha!
It was a great night. I really thank God for bringing me so many friends here to help me get through this rough time of John being gone. I think I might be miserable otherwise. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I can't wait for my Valentine to be back home with me!