Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Franklin

We found out this past week that baby Franklin is a boy!

Seeing him on a more high tech ultrasound made it so much more real (even though half the time I had no idea what I was looking at!). He doesn't have a name yet, that is the current debate in the Franklin house. Fortunately we have a few more months to decide! They changed my due date again (sorry I forgot to tell most of you that!). Now it is September 11 because he's bigger than what they expected. I knew I was further along than they were saying!

Anyway, my wonderful friends threw me a shower in honor of this little man. Since we are leaving so soon (4 weeks), they wanted to do a little something to celebrate our little bundle of joy. So my closest friends came and brought some amazing gifts.

My Japanese friend brought him a yukata, which is a summer kimono. So cute!

I am truly blessed to have these wonderful women in my life.

It makes me so sad that I won't be near all of them once he is born. But I can't start with all of the sniffling and tears yet, I know once they start, they might not stop for a while! For now I am just so thankful to be blessed with some fabulous friends and this sweet little baby!

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Emily said...

Awe! I wish I could have been there for the shower! And I wish y'all were going to be living closer to us! Good luck finding boy names! I am half way through my pregnancy and we haven't even begun looking! I am dreading it!