Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

This is my final blog from Okinawa. I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow! The last three years on this island have been quite the roller coaster ride. We have experienced some very difficult times including a six and a half month deployment, several shorter deployments resulting in John being away from home a total of nineteen months, missing several important family events in the US, and a disheartening loss. Through those difficult times I am so blessed to have had an incredible group of girlfriends and we have had an amazing church family. It hasn't been all bad though, I finished my Master's degree, we have had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places, and of course the joy of our favorite little souvenir, our sweet baby boy due in just a few months! Our marriage has grown stronger than ever and we know if we could get through the craziness of our time in Okinawa, we can get through anything!

Here are a few picture of our last days in Okinawa...

Our house is all packed up and our things have been shipped to Arizona.

We had to live like this for a few days before we could move into a hotel!

The first picture is of us the day we moved out of our concrete bunker!

As much as we hated literally living in a concrete home, they are able to withstand the insane weather of Okinawa! Of course we had to go out with a bang and have one last typhoon before we left. Three days before our departure, Super Typhoon Songda hit the island with winds that blew up to 156 mph! I am so thankful the Japanese know how to construct buildings that are able to withstand those winds!

Speaking of awesome forces of nature, my husband received the Navy Commendation Medal on his last day of work. Did you like that transition? I think he'll get a kick out of that! Ha ha! He is an outstanding Marine and I love when he is recognized for it!

To continue with the Marine theme, I have been very involved with the Marine Officer's Spouses Club for the last two years and served on the Executive Board this year. Here are most of the Board members at our final luncheon with a "Mad Hatter tea party" theme!

I have also been very involved in the church and the worship ministry. This is the band and some of the singers on my last Sunday.

Finally, these women have been the ultimate support system for me. We were so excited to spend our last evening together at the hospital meeting the newest member of the group, baby David Michael! He is perfect! I think I can handle this!

Thanks to all of you for your love, prayers and support through these last three years.

We are so excited to be closer to our family again, but will certainly miss the wonderful people we have met here on this island.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh - I can't believe you're finally coming home! thanks for the pictures...I haven't seen your cute little preggo tummy! What great experiences you've had and what a great united front you and John have together thru all the separations, etc. Yay...hope we see you soon! said...

I LOVE the blog. I HATE that you're leaving.'re only 2 months ahead of us. This was a different kinda duty station, though. We've gotten close to more people here than the other 4 places we've been.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers and for coming to my party last night. It meant a lot to see you two there. I'm sure our paths will cross again. You know what they say..."it's a small Navy...". Of course, since John is a Marine that doesn't really apply. Hahaha!

Hope all 4.5 of you have a safe trip back to the States. We'll be thinking of you!

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